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About 37 Vibrations

It all started with a bottle of coconut water, the cap inscribed with “happiness in a bottle”. Ever since I was a little girl I loved the idea of putting a message in a bottle and sending it off into the world, and this bottle stated very clearly that happiness was already inside. I started saving these bottles, wondering what I could fill them with and how I could inspire someone else. Suddenly it struck me – love stories. Real life love stories. What could be better than discovering and reading about how someone fell in love? And so the great collaboration began.

I asked around and the stories started rolling in, everyone telling me about a time when they fell in love. Some stories were funny, other took great risks. There were grand romantic gestures, big secrets, magical moments. Some were sad or heartbreaking or even tragic. The common thread that I witnessed over and over again was the incredible bravery it takes to fall in love. Even when our hearts get broken, somehow we survive and learn something valuable about ourselves along the way.

After listening to each story, I wrote it out as I heard it, pulling details that spoke to me, weaving the tale in my own words. Then each one was printed to look like pages taken from a book, rolled up and put into a hand-painted bottle. I decided to write these tales in the first person and without names, so that the reader, for this brief moment, could put him or herself into the story, be inspired by it, live the experience.

As the project grew, I realized that this collection of love stories was so special that each one needed to be read by more than a handful of people. That’s when the idea hit me – I would create a website where the stories could be read by anyone as the bottles travelled around the world.

37 Vibrations’ red heart bottles are the first in a series of 37 love stories to be released into the wild. Enjoy the journey and remember to spread the love. Because in music, the difference between a happy note and a sad note is 37 vibrations per second. What effect will 37 love stories have on the world?

Be part of the wave. Pass it on.

About Linda Perkins

LINDA PERKINS worked in film and television production for over a decade before realizing that she wanted to create and write her own stories.  After taking courses in screenplay writing and children’s literature, she discovered Nancy Mellon’s two-year certification program, The Healing Art of Storytelling. 37 Vibrations is a melding of these different ways of telling a story. First hearing the chronicle of love, then writing it down to preserve the oral tale, and finally putting it into a hand-painted bottle to be passed along. Her hope is that these love stories will be an inspiration and create a ripple effect around the world.

Another of her collaborative efforts, The Amazing Adventures of Madebonne and Henry, can be read here.

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